No matter if you have a small or large business, Facebook can help it thrive if used correctly. Continue reading to discover four ways to use your Facebook page to optimize your business!

#1: Testimonials and Reviews

If you set up your a Facebook Business page, you have the option to collect testimonials and reviews from your customers. Good reviews provide a sense of security to other potential customers. If you have a lot of good-great reviews, chances are someone will be more likely to shop at your business.

#2: Engage

The most important way to use your Facebook page for business is to engage with your audience. Your audience is composed of a variety of people–fans of your content, fans of your business, potential customers, current customers and former customers. With this in mind, create posts and content that engage these groups of people.

The traditional rule for audience engagement is 80/20. Eighty percent of your content should be for your audience, and 20% should be for your business (sales, marketing, self-promotion, etc.).

This means that the majority of your posts should be aimed at getting your audience to engage with your page. You can do this by encouraging audience participation and sharing content relevant to your niche or industry.

If the majority of your posts fall within these lines, you’ll create an engaged and loyal audience that will be more receptive to the 20% of posts that promote your business, products and services.

#3:  Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to target and reach all kinds of potential customers with their Ad platform. You can choose your object (i.e. page likes, reach, etc.), choose your ad placement, choose your targeted audience and design an ad!

For a beginner’s walkthrough, click here.

#4: Audience Feedback

Want some insight into what your potential or current customers want? Ask them on Facebook! A Facebook poll not only encourages them to engage with your page, but can also help you discover what products or services they need. You can either create a free poll within Facebook, or just simply ask a question on your timeline.

If you think Facebook is over your head, don’t feel bad! Many people feel the same way and would rather have experts take it over for them. That’s where we come in! Here at Drop Visionary Branding and Marketing, we specialize in Facebook Marketing and Advertising and can help optimize your business easily! We will work with you closely to determine your specific business goals.  For a free consultation, contact us today!

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