Here at Drop Visionary Branding and Marketing, we’ve come up with four simple questions we ask ourselves before we write every email. We’re betting if you answer the same four questions, your emails will be more relevant, compelling and engaging to your audience.

Oh, and you’ll probably generate more sales too…

Let’s get started with the first question!

Why Now?

Remember, time is precious to most people and many do not like it interrupted. So why should your subscriber stop what they’re doing and give you their attention now?

Always ask the question “why now?” from their point of view.

Who Cares?

In other words, who would be most affected, positively or negatively, by having or not having your product or service?

Why Should They Care?

Why should your subscriber or prospect care about the message in your email? How is that product or service going to benefit them?

How Can You Prove It?

Now that you’ve explained what your product can do, you have to prove that you really can do it, and they can too. This is where it becomes critical to include proof points where you show your prospect real life examples of how other people- people just like them- have used your product or service to achieve their desired result.

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