Have you noticed your Facebook engagement has been on a downward spiral lately? There’s no need to panic. Although the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm have many marketers sweating, the update isn’t as scary as it seems.

The short of it? Facebook is asking brands to rethink how they earn likes, comments and shares on their posts. Continue reading to learn five ways to increase your Facebook engagement!

Timing is Everything

The more engagement a post receives; the more likely Facebook’s algorithm is to reward it with reach.By posting when your followers are most active, you instantly increase the possibility of getting more likes and comments.

And yes, there are data-driven best times to post on social media which can clue you in on what your posting calendar should look like.

Change Up the Content

For starters, there’s only so much that can really be said on a day-to-day basis about your brand or product. As soon as your content starts to feel repetitive or stale, your audience will tune out.

Here’s some food for thought: your Facebook content isn’t all about you. It’s about your fans. They might like you, but that doesn’t mean they only want to hear about you all day long. Once you start to embed that idea into your strategy, increasing Facebook engagement becomes much more realistic.

Analyze Your Most Popular Posts

Sometimes the key to increasing Facebook engagement is to look internally.

Let’s say you have a post that knocks it out of the park. Tons of likes and shares, and plenty of love in the comment section.

Rather than treat that post as an anomaly, you should instead take steps to recreate the same social magic again.

Use Great Quality Photos

Visual content is incredibly important on Facebook.

Photos make up the overwhelming majority of content on the platform, signaling that people would much rather engage with a visual than a link or wall of text. So if you want to improve Facebook engagement, get visual.

Reply Quickly to Comments and Posts

If someone takes the time to comment on your content, you need to respond as quickly as possible to show you care.

People overwhelmingly want to interact with brands, which is the reason why so many businesses that reply to comments score more interactions.


We understand that Facebook can seem very overwhelming! If your business is struggling, Drop Visionary Branding and Marketing is happy to help! Visit our website to schedule a free consultation today!

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