Over the past years, we’ve all heard how important video is, but now it’s even more imperative than ever.

If you’re not taking advantage of this potential jackpot of leads, then your business is surely missing out. Everyone loves watching them, and there is a formula for success.

Check out the tips below to learn more about how video can transform your marketing, and how to do it!

The First 5 Seconds

Typically, consumers can skip a video after about 5 seconds, so that’s about the only time you have to capture their attention and keep them watching. This is a good rule to have anyway, since attention spans are so short anyway! Don’t try to capture your main points here, only shock or interest.


Keep It Short

Keep it short – that is, if you want a good conversion rate. Countless data has shown that the ideal video is about a minute long. If your video is running a little long, ask yourself what the customer absolutely needs to know, not every point you want to include. Remember, the video is a tool to entice them, not to give them everything.


Where To Post

YouTube and Vimeo aren’t set-it-and-forget-it spots to post your video. Sure, they can deliver SEO value, but even more valuable are leads from the video. Make sure to share it on social media! Send to individual people. The more it gets shared, the more likely you are to convert. Make sure it gets exposure.

Focus on People

Get that blood flowing and energize yourself if you’re feeling sleepy – sitting at a desk all day doesn’t make for excellent calls, so be sure to try to take as many calls as you can while you’re standing up. A great solution to this, if it’s doable, is to install standing desks that can be moved upward and downward.


Data is Everything

Just because general data on videos shows success, doesn’t mean that your audience follows the same suit. Watch your analytics closely as you publish videos. When were the biggest drop-offs in the viewing? That could indicate when users became disinterested. How did users convert and how quickly? This could indicate what compelled your customers to go forward.


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