The world of marketing is constantly changing and growing, but if you’re not privy to what the latest changes are, your ROI might suffer.


What should you be spending your marketing dollars on, and what are your competitors doing in 2018? Here’s everything you need to know about what’s hot on the market for 2018.

More Website Personalization

Personalization of the user experience is becoming increasingly more cost-effective, with tools like Google Optimize. You can target site visitor groups and deliver special content to test and possibly increase conversion rate. There are two pieces to this approach – actually creating the manual content for each segment and using artificial intelligence to serve up that creative.

Videos Are More Popular Than Google Search

The most used app out of all of Google’s properties is YouTube – and think about that in perspective with how many people perform Google searches everyday. If you’re not taking advantage of video marketing right now, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach consumers.


Because social media continues to be a big driver for awareness, but not necessarily conversions, video is a great way to reach those customers on social media with a better potential for ROI.

Mobile Should Be Your Priority

Most people in the office spend almost the entire day on a desktop of laptop, and in their spare time, their consciousness is glued to a smartphone. See the irony? Remember that most customers are increasingly spending crazy amounts of time on mobile. What does this mean for marketing? A mobile or responsive site is a must-have, all digital ads should be focused on mobile, and all communications, such as email, should be responsive – it’s no longer an option!

Customer Service Matters, Because Google is Looking at Your Reviews

In case you weren’t aware, Google does crawl all those reviews from Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp. If your competitor has a higher star rating than you, Google will probably rank them higher. This means that businesses can no longer hide behind big marketing dollars and cool campaigns – if the customers aren’t having it, neither will Google!

Deliver Value First, Instead of Call to Action

The Call-to-Action is still important, but if it’s your only focus, it will not connect with your customers. Focus on providing value and telling your story, either through events for the community or providing something that gives back.

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